Casa Bella Sober Living is the leading option for women, ages 18 and up, seeking a structured, sober living setting. Casa Bella strikes the important balance between autonomy and containment while building a strong foundation and forging futures for young women. From initial transition to establishing a personal recovery plan, our staff takes a hands-on approach assisting our clients.

Casa Bella Sober Living caters to women recently discharged from residential treatment, women who have been unsuccessful living sober after returning home from treatment, or for women who are struggling applying the tools for daily living outside a supportive environment. Casa Bella welcomes women in any phase of their development who can benefit from communal sober living. Women who choose Casa Bella will be given tools and support to help recreate their lives and develop a plan for successful living. Whether school, work, volunteering, participating in a day-patient or outpatient program, Casa Bella Sober Living helps foster a day-to-day plan where goals are achieved and living sober is possible. Casa Bella Sober Living keeps women accountable and responsible to a daily schedule through regular check-ins with staff. Casa Bella Sober Living ensures abstinence through random toxicology screening, regularly.

Southern California is home to a large recovery community with many resources for those seeking sobriety. Casa Bella Sober Living works in tandem with outside professionals in order to provide the support necessary to sustain recovery and ensure long-term sobriety. Casa Bella will address the disease of alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders with the support needed internally and the resources available externally.

Casa Bella’s home is located in a beautiful, safe, and family-oriented community. Casa Bella Sober Living is centrally located to the marina, shopping, airports and beautiful scenic beaches and mountains of Los Angeles. 12-step meetings are local and in walking distance of Casa Bella.

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